Carry out full system integration and upgrades to existing network without leading to operational downtime.

Network Infrastructure Design

For a network to meet the needs of a business, it must be designed around the objectives and structure of the organization. For a long-term investment, the network must be able to be resized as required and be based on technologies that will remain both robust and scalable. MTL provides a design that meets your present and future requirements.

Network Management and Support

We provide a comprehensive Network infrastructure management and support. This involves telecommunication cabinet (TC) upgrade and restructuring, TC and horizontal cable management etc. Provision of as-built or as-installed comprehensive documentation (Technical Report) – hardware (cable infrastructure, desktop and server configuration, switches, routers, firewall, VPN devices, remote access and network operating system configuration and applications).Cable relocation and provision of extra network points within an existing network. Cable fault detection, equipment fixing, network troubleshooting, Installation and configuration of network management software.


Upgrade your Network Systems